Salary Transparency in the Content Field

As a global and diverse community of more than 10,000 content professionals, we believe it’s critical that equity be placed at the center of employment discussions. This is particularly true as we navigate an economic crisis in which all workers face an uphill battle for fair compensation.

Our job posting policy

All jobs shared to our #job-openings channel must include salary details (a range or general budget is fine):

  • This applies to all jobs, gigs and contract roles, and internships.
  • Unpaid internships are prohibited (volunteer roles, clearly marked, are allowed).
  • All postings must go through our submission form, which is available to members in the #careers-job-openings-and-gigs channel in Slack.
  • Jobs and gigs (e.g. "Anyone know of a freelancer for my friend's website?") may not be posted in channels outside of #careers-job-openings-and-gigs. Once a job is posted via the submission form, you may cross-post the link in a relavant regional channel.

Read more about the why behind this policy (on Medium).

A note to recruiters

We don't allow recruiters to join Content + UX (we're a support group for those working directly with content professionally), but you're very welcome to share your role with our community at no charge. Please use our recruiter submission form.

Transparent employers

Let's give a shout-out to those employers who disclose salary up front! We've compiled the following list and are continually adding to it.