Posting Guidelines

Content + UX is place for industry practitioners to discuss their work, share resources, and help others grow professionally. You're welcome to participate to your heart's content, provided you adhere to these guidelines. Be sure to read our full Code of Conduct.

No self-promotion and absolutely no soliciting.

Do not approach other members, either through public channels or private messages, with sales pitches. Do not mine the group for email addresses. Either of these violations may get your membership revoked immediately. We’re not messing around with this one.

  • If you have a content-related project you want someone to work on, submit it to the #job-openings channel using this form:
  • If you're looking for work, review the #job-openings channel.
  • If you're sharing a blog post or article you've written, use #please-retweet.
  • If you're sharing a project you're proud of, use #celebrate.
  • If you’re looking for research or survey participants for your content-related product, post it in #help-wanted-research-participants-needed.


  • Okay: You're teaching a content strategy workshop and you think members of the group would be interested in attending, so you post it in #events, explaining its direct application to content and UX practitioners if those details aren't immediately apparent.
  • Okay: Someone asks for a recommendation for a tool, and you work for a company that seems to fit their criteria. You may respond to their post with an explanation as to why you think your product might fit their expressed need. You may not follow up with them via direct message unless they explicitly give you permission.
  • Not okay: You submitted a pitch to a UX conference and want members to vote for it, so you post the link several times as the voting deadline draws near.
  • Not okay: You founded a startup that sells consumer electronics at a discount and you're asking members of this group to try it out.
  • Not okay: Posting your company's recent blog post about their "Top Ten UX Portfolio Tips."

No drive-by link bombs.

TIf you find something content-related worth sharing with the community, include some context. Why do you find it interesting? What did you learn from it? We're not asking for a thesis, just a little thoughtfulness. If you're posting a commercial link as your first post, don't.

Don’t use a company name as your display name.

This is a community for people, not commercial interests. You may mention your employer's name in your profile description and/or use your work email to sign up, but you may not use a company name as your display name.

Keep your posts on-topic.

Make sure the things you're sharing are relevant to the content community, and that they're posted in the right channel. A good rule of thumb is that if it's not content-specific or there’s not a direct application in a content-specific scenario, then it’s probably not ok. Do not post repeatedly, or without context, your links to pitches, events, products, or services, or any such resources that are not specifically content-related.

Avoid cross-posting to multiple channels.

While not expressly prohibited, we strongly discourage cross-posting and more often than not we delete duplicate posts. If you feel compelled to post to more than one channel, make sure it's relevant to both channels and paste a link to your original post instead of duplicating it. This will direct replies to a single post and make it easier for folks to follow the discussion.

All job openings, internships and contract/freelance gigs must go through our submission form.

After a lengthy discussion period that included some data analysis and a member survey, there was clear support among our members for more salary visibility in the group's #job-openings channel. As a result, as of March 11, 2019 we're piloting a job posting process aimed at encouraging pay equity through transparency.

All openings must be submitted through the form located at (any jobs posted directly to the channel will be deleted).

  • Openings that include salary details are automatically posted in full to the #job-openings channel within approximately 15 minutes.
  • Openings without salary details are still permitted but they are held for one week, then posted to the #job-openings channel in an abridged form.
  • Please do not post openings in other channels.